City garden

The city garden, or as it is called by Odessa citizens - Gorsad, is located in the heart of Odessa, adjacent to the main street of the city - Deribasovskaya. It is a small but very beautiful park-garden with a musical pavilion-rotunda, where on summer evenings there are often free concerts of live music. Also in the Gorsada there is a picturesque fountain, many shops, a monument to Utesov, a sculpture to Ilf and Petrov, and the famous "Tree of Love" - a favorite place for photosession of lovers.

In Gorsdad there are several very beautiful restaurants with Odessa color, local cuisine and the highest level of service, as well as the famous "Beer Garden", where they cook and serve tasty and fresh beer with a variety of meat dishes. It is Gorsad is considered the most popular meeting and resting place in Odessa for locals and visitors of the city.